GRL Blue

DIESEL EXHAUSTION FLUID : Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is an aqueous urea solution made with 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water. It is standardised as AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution) in ISO 22241.[] DEF is used as a consumable in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in order to lower NOxconcentration in the diesel exhaust emissions from diesel engines.

Speed Governor GRL


With the growing levels of pollution the government of india has made it compulsory for all the vehicles of BS IV MODEL manufactured from the year 2014 to use SCR system to reduce the harmful matter present in the exhaust and to reduce the level of NOX IN THE ATMOSPHERE. All the vehicles of tata motors with horse power of (130 to 400) are manufactured with a scr system and every production of heavy duty commercial vehicle made since the year 2014 is manufactured with a scr system to reduce exhaust pollution .


GRL BLUE believes in maintaining quality and Grl blue is a product and needs to be protected from any dilution and dirt and dust should not be bought in contact of the product and hence our technical assistance provides quality packing of the material and a fine quality product made by using government standars AUS 32